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New Hire Onboarding - Employee Onboarding Software

Once an applicant accepts your job offer, the true headache begins for both the new hire and your HR staff. Collecting and tracking new hire paperwork can be a nightmare for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Not only is this process vital to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, but the endless forms and paperwork to fill out costs companies valuable time that their newest hire could spend getting to work.

Onboarding Challenges

Gathering new hire paperwork can be especially difficult for organization that are spread out across different locations or states, or even those where the HR department is not a part of the hiring and screening process. Having an online process for quickly collecting all of the required new hire paperwork and storing it securely in a central database is vital. Not only is this easier for the HR department, but it allows the new hire to enter their information only one time, and have that information flow to every page of the new hire paperwork instantly.

Learn more about our Onboarding Software

Our onboarding software will help to steamline your new hire paperwork collection process. It will relieve the stress and anxiety that your HR department feels about ensuring the paperwork is collected correctly, and will make for happier new hires by getting them through the onboarding process and to work as quickly as possible. To learn more about our onboarding software, click on the live demo link to schedule some time with one of our team members.

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