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Struggling Sales Department?

How to hire top performing sales reps

Beat the “80-20” Rule once and for all by selecting only those salespeople with the potential for extraordinary success
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Improve retention of salespeople
  • Build Customer relationships
  • Get more sales per salesperson

The Problem with Poor Performing Sales Reps

It has been long been accepted that 80 percent of all products and services are sold by just 20 percent of the salespeople. The so-called “80-20 Rule” is a challenge to all sales executives who strive to build exceptional sales organizations.

So what is wrong with the 80% of my salespeople who aren't my top performers? An analysis of people working in sales shows that over half of them are miscast. They lack the basic qualities required for success in sales and should be doing something else for a living. Of those remaining, half could succeed in sales, but at the moment, they are selling the wrong product or service. That leaves 20 to 30 percent of the salespeople who are in jobs that they fit. These are the people who sell about 80 percent of the world’s products and services..

This suggests that about half of the people in sales should never have been hired for sales jobs in the first place and another 25 percent should have been hired to sell something else. Thus, the typical employer may be making three hiring mistakes for each correct one.

The Solution is Hire Better Sales Reps

When hiring salespeople, the objective is to hire only those who have the characteristics of the top 25 percent. The challenge is to find tools that can assess those characteristics with a high degree of accuracy. Our Sales Assessment is the solution. We use this assessment to compare your applicants or existing employees to your "top performers".

What Do We Look For:
  • Competitveness
  • Self-Reliance
  • Persistence
  • Energy
  • Sales Drive
To learn more about how our sales assessments can help you identify and hire top performing sales reps, click on the live demo link and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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