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Employee Theft Problems?

Are your Employees stealing your bottom line?

Are your employees walking away with your company's profits? Would you like to hire more dependable people who are honest and trustworthy?

Are You Struggling With:
  • Shrinkage
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Calling in "sick" to take an unauthorized day off
  • Being tardy
  • Leaving work early
  • Taking home office supplies and company property
  • Having another employee punch in/out for them

The Problem of Employee Theft

A survey of employed people revealed that 56% admitted lying to their supervisors, 41% admitted falsifying records, 35% admitted stealing from employers, and 31% admitted abusing drugs or alcohol. This is your applicant pool!

American businesses annually suffer $400 billion in losses because of employee fraud and theft! That's $9.00 per employee per day!

It is estimated that 36,000 companies are ''stolen out of business" every year by their employees!

The Solution for Employee Theft

The answer to the problem of employee theft is to hire honest people! Although security cameras and internal controls will certainly help to watch for issues, starting with honest hard working employees is vital. Our employee assessments will help you screen and identify those job seekers who are most likely to cause problems with your business before you hire them and give them the keys to the kingdom!

Our Employee Assessment Measures Four Critical Areas:

  • INTEGRITY Can the applicant be trusted?
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE Is the applicant drug-free?
  • RELIABILITY Is the applicant dependable?
  • WORK ETHIC Will the applicant be a long-term, hard-working employee?

Additional Information Provided!

  • Interview Questions provides a customized structured interview, asking essential questions that should be asked but are often overlooked.
  • Inconsistent Responses provides information about responses made by the applicant that can't be true.
  • Employment Profile provides information about past employment including Terminations.
  • Theft includes theft of Money, Property, Data, and Time
  • Illegal Substance Abuse information about personal use as well as distribution
  • Criminal Convictions over the past 5 years.
To learn more about how our hiring system can help you hire better employees, please click on the live demo link and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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